Job Description

Our company is HOODZ of S. Broward & NE Miami-Dade Counties and we've been cleaning vent hoods at NIGHT in restaurant kitchens for 21 years.

We are hiring for our Apprentice Spray Technician position which does NOT require experience, we train on the job.

The position involves power washing of kitchen exhaust systems including hoods, duct work, filters and exhaust fans

We usually clean 2 restaurants/night (while they are closed) and work Sunday - Friday at night (approx 8p-6a).

The majority of our work is in southern Broward and Miami Dade Counties

this job is different because

  • it is at night
  • the job is fast paced (never watching the clock)
  • we reward and promote top performing employees
  • we provide on the job & video training
  • bi-lingual is a plus!
  • Super Bowl Sunday is guaranteed off!

Skills / Requirements


  1. You will be on ladders & roofs. If you have any issues with heights, this is not a career for you.
  2. You will need to climb in ductwork sometimes to hand scrape the build up off
  3. It will be hot, we work in the rain (but not lightening), we get wet and greasy and sticky
  4. You will be working with high powered chemicals
  5. You will need to get to the job site each night to clock in and report to work so RELIABLE transportation is a MUST
  6. We know you need a job. But, we don't want you on our team just because you need a job. We want you with us because you truly want to be here and would consider making a career out of working with us.
  7. You will need to pass a drug test.
  8. We DO NOT have a set schedule. Typical work OVERNIGHTS are Sunday-Friday. However, we do have clients that require some day time and weekend cleans. Work start times vary between 6pm-1am but usually it is between 7pm-11pm and finish between 3am-8am.
  9. We WILL train you in the field and on line.
  10. YOU WILL NEED A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE THAT DOES NOT HAVE A LOT OF MOVING VIOLATIONS. This is because you will need to drive our company box trucks at times to and from jobs and we will need to be able to insure you in case there was ever any issues. Do you have this type of "clean" drivers license?

Important Notes

Entry level crew members should expect to earn $12-15/hr starting out with opportunity for increase after 30 days.

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