Exhaust Cleaning Technician jobs at HOODZ

Enjoy flexibility from a job that can give you time off during the day. Work for a great team of owners who treat you like a person, not just another number. Learn more about what it takes to to join our team as a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Technician and become part of a company that is known for performing quality work while providing friendly customer service.

We look for someone who enjoys overcoming challenges, and who gets satisfaction from doing what others thought couldn’t be done. If you’re ready to explore the limits of your potential and do great things, you belong on our team.

What our employees say

  • I like working for HOODZ because we get a sense of completion, and a job well done, as we finish cleaning each dirty duct and make it look brand new.
    Justin R.
  • Everyday is a new adventure and a new job site.
    Josh D.
  • Most people have jobs where they constantly check the clock and dread how slow time moves. I look at the time and say, "How did 10 hours go by that fast?"
    Chris M.
  • The reasons why I love working for HOODZ is that they give you the tools and knowledge to get the job done and everyone is there for each other.
    Kenny M.
  • I love working nights at HOODZ because there are not as many people out and about and the night time feels more peaceful.
    Jason G.
  • I like the fact that I can see my kids and play with them during the day while my wife is at work.
    Justin C.

Qualities of a successful technician

At HOODZ, you don’t need a long list of credentials or decades of industry experience. If you have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a valid driving license, we can help you be successful. Does this sound like you?

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You have integrity.

You do what you say and have a track record of following through. You are dependable and do what’s right for the customers, for your team members, and yourself.

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You believe in the roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work.

You enjoy being hands-on, active, and aren’t afraid to get dirty. At the end of your shift, you feel a sense of pride for the work you have done.

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You like to work independently.

You have strong problem solving skills and perform best in environments where you get to own the outcome of your work.

Discover what opportunities await you at HOODZ. If you don’t see an opening in your area, we warmly welcome you to submit your information to our Talent Community for future opportunities.

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