Job Description

Please check out or website and review that for the best info on what our company does.
After reviewing below, text me your info and I will set you up for a job interview at our location, please make sure to understand the job and that we are hiring for long term positions.

Our company is HOODZ of Tri- Counties . We are hiring for our crew member position which does NOT require experience, WE TRAIN ON THE JOB!

The crew member position involves helping the crew leader get the job done with a big emphasis on wiping down exhaust vent hood (stainless steel) after the crew leader has pressure washed it and then cleaning up, mopping the floor, etc.

We usually clean 2 to 3 restaurants/night (while they are closed) and work up to 6 days a week Sunday - Friday night (approx 8pm-6am).

This job is different because:
• 2 to 3 man self-directed teams
• At night (so you still have your daytime free)
• Fast paced (never watching the clock)
• We reward and promote top performing employees
• We drive company van to each job so there is "windshield time" (paid while driving to the job)
• We provide all on the job training
• Different place every night
• Overtime and bonuses available to all employees

Entry level crew members should expect to earn $13/hr to $15/hr starting out with bonuses, overtime, and opportunity for advancement.

951-346-6077     CALL OR TEXT TODAY!     We are hiring all this week.