Job Description

Tech / Lead Tech. Exhaust Cleaners Looking for quality employees to start right away and if you have any experience in Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning / Hood Cleaning thats a huge advantage to get you earning more money faster. We are able to give you work and as many hours as you need to make extra money and we pay overtime. We are well established company and want mature workers that want a good job for years to come.

Requirements for Job:

Must have a clean driving record & a driver's license. Transportation to and from work.

Ability to work in airports, Federal buildings, Hospitals prisons
work in small/ tight areas
work on feet for 10 hours at a time
must be able to squat and lift 50 lbs with out Issue
must be able to climb ladders

We Clean and remove grease from restaurant kitchen vent hoods using a pressure washer at night. We are a growing company with opportunities for growth and promotions.

The person we are looking for needs to be able to manual labor , work nights , and satisfy the above requirements. In general , we start around 8:30 pm and are done at 7:30 am Sunday through Thursday with occasional work during the day.

We are looking for individual that wants to be a tech with potential to be a lead tech if possible.
This person will need to consistent, responsible , honest , work well with others , and must have the ability to follow directions. The technicians will drive our vehicle to the restaurants with one or two other employees, coordinate meeting times with restaurant managers , follow our safety and quality procedures , and complete the job efficiently with a professional manner.

We prefer someone with manual labor background ,pressure washing experience . mechanical minded, foreman experience , ready to work at all times , and wants to make honest money. We have numerous opportunities to make money if a person is willing and ready to work beyond the 40 hours a week . If you do not have the experience,but show you are a quick learner . we will tech you everything you need to know.

Training :
Our Crew leader will train on the job to ensure you know the scope of work, safety and quality protocols. There are also online training courses that will need to be completed with a test that will follow after each course.

Possible long term work : We are going to invest time in training and educating you, we are looking for someone that wants a stable job, stable paycheck , that is loyal to their company,and that would like to stay at their job for an extended period of time.

nightly scope of work :
After the crew leader has checked into the shop, the crew will drive a company van to the first restaurant. The The crew will unload and set-up our equipment in the kitchen under the first restaurant. The crew will unload and set-up our equipment in the kitchen under the vent hood and on the roof using a hot/high pressure power washer, degreaser, and by hand scraping the system. After we have removed the grease from the exhaust system, we wipe down the vent hoods and put a polish shine on the hood system. All employees must be able to climb ladders. All employees must be able to climb onto kitchen equipment,sometimes work on knees while we are wiping down the equipment. On average , we are at a restaurant 2.5 hours typically clean 3-4 restaurants a night. so after we finish the first restaurant cleaning , we load up and travel to the second and third or fourth job.

Pay / Salary / compensation
Our starting salary range is between $14 and $15 per hour with opportunity for raise after first 90 days. Again, if you are willing to work , need more money ,we find even more opportunities for you to make money.

Applying: IF YOU MEET THE ABOVE REQUIRMENTS, feel like its something you can do and a good fit for you and us, we encourage you to visit our webpage

To contact me about the job please send me a brief email to the email listed above telling me about yourself and all you previous work experience and especially why you would like this position and a phone number I can reach you at.