Job Description

Our company is HOODZ of South Austin and we've been cleaning vent hoods at NIGHT in restaurant kitchens for years.

We are hiring for a Lead crew member position. Experience is with the use of pressure washers and team leadership is preferred.

This position involves power washing of kitchen exhaust systems including hoods, ductwork, filters, and exhaust fans.

We usually clean 2-3 restaurants/night (while they are closed) and work Sunday night to Thursday night (approx 8p-8a).

This job is different because:

  • No bosses or customers to deal with
  • Jobs are performed at night
  • The job is fast-paced (never watching the clock)
  • We reward and promote top-performing employees
  • You drive the company van to each job so there is "windshield time"
  • We provide all on the job training

Skills / Requirements


  1. Experienced with exhaust cleaning is a plus.
  2. Must have valid driver's license
  3. Have transportation to and from work
  4. Pass a background check (felonies/violent misdemeanors) 
  5. Pass a drug test
  6. No outstanding warrants
  7. Work in small/tight areas (wiping down inside of restaurant hood)
  8. Lift 50 pounds
  9. Work on feet for 8-10 hrs at a time
  10. Work on knees for 30 minutes at a time
  11. Must be able to squat and lift 50 pounds
  12. Must be able to climb a ladder

Location: Meet at the main office in South Austin and travel to job locations in South Austin, typically in the counties of Travis, Lee, Bastrop, Fayette, Hayes, Caldwell, Gonzales, and Peach Creek.

Core Values :

  • Show dignity, and respect for all employees and customers.
  • View every shortcoming or failure as an opportunity to learn and excel the next time.
  • Give employees an opportunity to excel every day, then show them how they did.
  • Give customers an opportunity to feel good about choosing us every time we service them.
  • Give employees a living wage to promote self-worth, loyalty, and care for all customers.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • South Austin, Texas

Required license or certification:

  • Driver's License

For more information about being a HOODZ Exhaust cleaning Technician visit our HOODZ Careers Page