Job Description

HOODZ is a well established professional restaurant service company that started here OKC. HOODZ has been cleaning restaurant vent hoods all over Oklahoma at NIGHT for the 25 years and growing every day.  In Oklahoma, we currently have 5 crews and our expanding to a 6th crew. 

Some of our best team members have prior kitchen restaurant experience or pressure washing experience. 

We are hiring for the crew member position which does NOT require experience. We pay while we will train on the job and certify all of our crew members. 

We offer competitive pay including full benefits (insurance, paid time off, 401k, etc) after 60 days. 

Because of our continual growth and our customers requesting new services, there is opportunity to advance your career and earnings with our company.  We are only looking for individuals that want long term stable employment (min of 1+year). 

Additionally, HOODZ will be pay a $500 sign-on bonus upon passing the background check, drug screen, and certification exams (which normally take 4-5 weeks from employee first day). 

The crew member position involves helping the crew leader get the job done with a big emphasis on wiping down vent hoods (stainless steel) after the crew leader has pressure washed it and then mopping the floor.

We usually clean 2-3 restaurants/night (while they are closed) and work Sunday - Thursday night (apporx 8p-5:30a).

this job is different because:

  • it is at night
  • work independently with 2 person crew
  • do not deal directly with general public 
  • the job is fast paced (never watching the clock)
  • we reward and promote top performing employees
  • weekly performance bonuses are given on top of normal hourly wages
  • we drive company van to each job so their is "windshield time"
  • we provide all on the job training and industry certifications

Skills / Requirements

  1. Must have valid driver's license***
  2. Have transportation to and from work
  3. Pass 7 year background check (felonies/violent misdemeanors)***
  4. Pass a drug test (3-4 weeks heads up)
  5. No outstanding warrants
  6. Work in small/tight areas (wiping down inside of restaurant hood)
  7. Lift 100 pounds
  8. Work on feet for 10 hrs at a time
  9. Work on knees for 30 minutes at a time
  10. Must be able to squat and lift 50 pounds
  11. Must be able to climb ladder
  12. Must be available 7;30p-7:30a

Important Notes

Entry level crew members should expect to earn $550-$650+/wk starting out with opportunity for advancement.

Full benefits (Insurance, Paid time off), 401k available after 60 days.

Crew Leaders earn $650-$750+/week in first 6 months

**We value and protect our positive work environment with good attitudes that are team focused and reward team members accordingly.**